Cafe Culture

Cafe Culture

Coffee is a luxury and art is a lifestyle for me. After spending a good year or so practicing my art I found that it was about time to combine the two, but is this a new pursuit; are art cafes, or drawings that deal with the influence of coffee on our everyday life new … Continue reading

Guest Post: Seven Ways You Can Recycle Your Coffee and Help the Environment

Once you’ve fueled yourself with your daily required dosage of coffee or espresso, it’s likely you’ll find yourself left with a pile of damp grounds. While you might be inclined to toss the whole mess into the trash, you should think twice before throwing out your grounds like they are yesterday’s news. Like the newspaper, … Continue reading

Thai Coffee

The article, ‘The Buzz about Doi Chaang Coffee’ is a great read. Anyone interested in the coffee industry will  enjoy this. Most importantly, it is great to see that the coffee industry in Asia is rising as with good ethical business practices, comes community empowerment and consequently a decrease in poverty. Here’s a glimpse of … Continue reading

Coffee Production: Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the largest coffee exporters in the world (only second to Brazil). Yet as we know, the coffee industry is versatile making coffee exports depend on various national and International factors, that range from domestic government policies to natural disasters. However, with the Fair-trade label protecting farmers and the production line, the … Continue reading