Paying Less

After reading yesterday’s SMH article, I was surprised to find out that a smaller coffee cup worth the same price a regular size has caused some ruckus on the coffee scene. Some call this a rip-off, but who is getting ripped off? Where is the issue if you buy the same amount of coffee 30ml with a bit of less milk? It’s still worth the same price in any cup size. 

It’s not just a small touch on the rise of coffee that’s the problem, but more importantly the price has apparently not changed that significantly. SMH, reports that

“at 114 US cents a pound, coffee isn’t far off its 40-year average of 123.3 cents. According to Trading Economics, coffee peaked at 339.9 cents in 1977.”

Not failing to add,– (Just as well Australia didn’t have its current barista culture then or the nation would have been bankrupt.)”

 So, the coffee price hasn’t dramatically changed. Yet there are people that claim that the coffee is expensive. On the student life it certainly is, especially if you go for the select niche specialist markets. But lets be honest, unless you are seeking kopi lewak coffee, the reality is that this won’t happen. Your are more likely to head to you local, reliable coffee shop that may even give you a discount for being a loyal customer. But how do you know whether the coffee is ethical? Given that Nestle, a large cooperation has an ethical label (that did create some controversy) should we assume that all coffee is ethical? 

 In this day and age, raising prices is just one way of making the coffee trade more sustainable. So do not object, make a difference in people’s lives instead. You know how hard life is, so why buy a cheap coffee that is produced cheaply. The victims are the farmers who may be paid less, or not paid at all. Their families and communities are also caught between. So don’t complain that it’s a rip-off, make it more ethical and sustainable instead.

Also let’s not forget the local coffee shop that needs to buy the coffee. If you stop going to them in replacement for cheaper coffee, they lose business. And who cares? It’s not you nor I, but the people that impact their lives too, the chain is longer than you think; so embrace and don’t complain.


One thought on “Paying Less

  1. Quite a while ago I used to be a barista near UNSW and frequently we had international students just coming into the country as customers. These students were frequently surprised at how expensive the coffee was here, although that was usually the case with everything in Australia.

    Also I totally get why people would be upset at shrinking sizes. If they wanted a purer flavour they would by an espresso, macchiato or another shot sized coffee. People like cheaper coffee, at the store I worked we used to stock higher quality, single origin, beans and barely anyone ever got those…although that could be because they didn’t really know what they were and ordering a coffee can be confusing enough sometimes.

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