Sustainable Design: Too much or too little?

After reading about the new wonderfully designed Biocups, I have been inspired into doing some basic research into sustainable coffee practices.

If you have not done so yet, you must read the October issue of BeanScene’s publication. There’s an excellent article called ‘An Artist’s Touch.’ With interviews from art designers, and BioPak’s Marketing Manager you get small a glimpse of the work that combines life with art and design. If anything, after reading the article, you can’t stop wandering about other kinds of sustainable designs.

A simple Google search had to follow. The question I asked myself is, whether sustainable design exists in the coffee  world? I was surprised to find a market out there. If you spare a minute of two, its hard not to think think about the energy used on a commercial coffee machine. A standard coffee machine used in a cafe/restaurant would be switched on everyday, all day.

Then there is the physical material the coffee machine is made out of. Are they imported, from where and from what? Are they made locally and how? The more you think about it the more questions emerge. So here, I pose a great website that those interested much check out with recommendations of green coffee machines.

So we have the BioCup, the green machines, and the ethical coffee. It is hard not to wander if green is not becoming a commercialisation of what it is fighting against. After reading about the industry, I think we have not hit this level yet as new innovations are constantly emerging. Yet this does not prevent one from thinking.

Check out,

BioPak’s website for all their latest products

BeanScene Magazine:

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