Coffee Production: Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the largest coffee exporters in the world (only second to Brazil). Yet as we know, the coffee industry is versatile making coffee exports depend on various national and International factors, that range from domestic government policies to natural disasters. However, with the Fair-trade label protecting farmers and the production line, the level of inconsistency is minimised, albeit that’s not to say entirely solved.

Earlier today, I was exploring the Vietnamese production line and found that Vietnam is facing domestic issues through the introduction of new taxation laws.  With these new problems and a history of difficulties that have ranged from the Vietnam War to internal political disruptions, local farmers and communities are working ever harder to support their families.

As there aren’t many documentaries readily available on the Vietnamese coffee production (a pursuit that I would love to work on in the future) I did come across this heart-warming short-documentary created by Nikole Lim. It’s called Brewing Hope,

This is also viewable on the website, that is worth checking out if only for the beautiful photography.


For the Latest news on Vietnam’s coffee production the article to read is called, “Vietnam’s Coffee Industry Rumoured to be Collapsing” dated 2/10/2013

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