The Halloween Special

So… Halloween is back this year. Well, considering the apocalypse hasn’t come by yet, it seems like we’re safe for another year of festivities.

Having just said that, unlike most I won’t be jumping on the festival bus.. Living in Australia it’s not that much of a big deal, culturally. Nevertheless, it has come round and people are getting out their costumes, lollies and chocolates. Therefore, I have decided to remind people of their buying habits.

Don’t go buying the cheapest chocolates, please. Or for that matter, don’t go buying the most expensive chocolates either. Why think in money terms when you can simply think in humanitarian terms. It makes more sense anyway, since we are humans we should think in humanly ways.

Chocolates are a luxury for us in the Western World. For the producers it is work. Go fair-trade this year when thinking about buying chocolates for trick or treating.

I think you have all heard this before but here it goes once more:

Fair-trade protects the farmers by setting a fair price. This protects them from any “bad/unfair” business trading practices that is generally bad for the world. It is not just about being the saviour and acting heroic, but it is more so about the affect on global prices. Please check out my vietnam blog that explains that amount of coffee consumed by us, as well as the export and import technicalities..

Overall, this post serves as a reminder of the benefits of ethical coffee. Especially, as I have arrived at the end of my official campaign, it is an informal post, aiming to talk as opposed to tell. So please talk amongst yourselves about the benefits of fair-trade products this Halloween. And don’t forget to have a great time as well..

P.S I will probably be updating this Blog every now and again..

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