Advertising: The Single Minded Proposition

Food has now become an art form. Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson are the big names in food and they create art with their foods.. In fact, Nigella has a book called ‘Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking. Then we have TV shows, like Master Chef which has tried to foster this idea, for instance in Master Chef there’s a segment called Food Art Finale Week during Season Six; in addition to this we have other TV shows that intertwine food with art, like Iron Chef and My Kitchen Rules. You get the point right? So with the fluctuation of art and food, drinks have been left behind. This is where I think that in the general hospitality market, Twinings has looked beyond the tea market and explored a broader area. I think that they have managed to bridge the gap that was missing. This missing gap is the idea that traditionally the advertisements pointed towards the notion of the, “relaxed cup of tea after a hard days work.” Thus, looking beyond this and reaching a broader market, Twining has effectively created a single minded proposition which is “tea is art” just like “food is art”. A clever proposition which has looked at the world beyond its niche market. Cheers,

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