Cafe Culture

Coffee is a luxury and art is a lifestyle for me. After spending a good year or so practicing my art I found that it was about time to combine the two, but is this a new pursuit; are art cafes, or drawings that deal with the influence of coffee on our everyday life new to us? These questions have suddenly come to mind, and I think that after having done some research it is easy to say that cafes are aesthetically important as they are a reflection of what people want.

For example,

Do you go to a cafe that is modern, with black outlines, minimalistic designs and wide spaces? or

The cluttered style cafe, with a bunch of pamphlets scattered around the floors, photos on the walls, a possible Che Guevara poster on the side, and staff with moustaches wearing revolutionary clothing or the like?  How about

The vintage style cafe? With paraphernalia of popular culture.

Or something completely different?

These different cafe cultures show us that art is an experience that is infused in our every day life.


Something New

I think its time to combine my two favourite beverages, i.e. coffee and tea. This thought has come by after spending a lot of time at EasyWay Tea stores this Summer. It is only after I had noticed the frappe teas at the stores (I always buy fruity teas) that made me decide to do some investigation into the coffee-tea scene of this world.

My basic research into this, has shown that there is a kind of coffee tea already available in the market. It is apparently not as popular as coffee beans but it is more commonly found at health stores. It is called Coffea, and has numerous health benefits plus the coffee hit.

To further this, according to the article “Tea or coffee? How about Tea made from Coffee,”  it is worth mentioning the benefits;

                “Aaron Davies, a botanist at Kew, reported in the journal Annals of Botany that seven species of coffee plant contained high levels of mangiferin – a chemical usually found in mangoes which is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects as well as lowering cholesterol, protecting neurons in the brain and reducing the risk of diabetes. The leaves were also found to hold high levels of antioxidants, which reportedly help combat heart disease, diabetes and cancer.”

The focus of the health benefits are great, but as the tea itself has not gained any momentum, I wonder if it ever will. It would be good to see some business investment into this product. I did a search for the coffee tea product and was disappointed to find no products available. The closest I got to was the yuan-yuang tea which is coffee mixed with tea. It seems like we will have to wait for a few years before this hits the markets, in the meantime I think I will need to go to Ethiopia to try a coffea arabica tea.

For more information, “Tea or coffee? How about Tea made from Coffee,” 

SMH,  “For Those Looking for a Healthy Kick Coffee Leaves a Lot to be Desired in one Tea”